Data Visualization with ggplot2

The focus of the webinar will be using ggplot2 to analyze your data visually with a specific focus on discovering the underlying signals/patterns of your business. As an example, R’s ggplot2 package provides the R programmer with dozens of print-quality visualizations – where any visualization can be heavily customized with a minimal amount of code.

Attendees will learn how to:
• Craft ggplot visualizations, including customization of rendered output.
• Choose optimal visualizations for the type of data and the nature of the analysis at hand.
• Leverage ggplot2’s powerful segmentation capabilities to achieve “visual drill-in of data”.
• Export ggplot2 visualizations from RStudio for use in documents and presentations.




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Arham Akheel
About The Author
- Arham holds a Masters degree in Technology Management from Texas A&M University and has a background of managing information systems.

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