Getting started with Python and R for Data Science

In this video tutorial, we will take you through some common Python and R packages used for machine learning and data analysis, and go through a simple linear regression model. Also, we will help you set up Python and R on your Windows/Mac/Linux machine, run your code locally and push your code to a Github repository.

– Installing Python on Windows: 1:09
– Installing R on Windows: 4:16

– Installing Python on Mac: 5:39
– Installing R on Mac: 8:10

– Installing Python on Linux: 8:41
– Installing R on Linux: 9:48

– Simple linear regression model in Python: 11:59
– Simple linear regression model in R: 21:01

– Pushing code to Github Repository: 25:26

All commands, scripts, data and URLs to software can be found here:


Text Editor:



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