Online Experimentation and A/B Testing

In this meetup, I will give a quick introduction to online experimentation and A/B testing.

To keep the tutorial self-contained, I will first give an overview of stats fundamentals needed to understand A/B testing. I will explain how A/B testing is done in an online business. In the end, I will mention some of the pitfalls that are common when running online experiments.


What is A/B Testing?

· A/B testing on web traffic

· A/B testing on newsletter and email

· A/B testing vs. multivariate testing

Online Experimentation Fundamentals

· Understanding the terminology. Control, treatment, factor, level, A/B, A/A

· Null and alternate hypothesis. Type I and Type II error

· Power and sample size selection. Confidence intervals

· Metrics for evaluation and categories

· Segmentation

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